Join forces to revolutionize the chemical industry towards a regenerative future

What is CarboCycle?

CarboCycle is a biotech startup with a patented technology that converts organic waste into oils, providing sustainable substitutes to landfilling and palm oil. This means fighting deforestation and reducing green house gas emissions.

Our Service

Organic Waste Disposal

About half of all waste is organic. We take care of your organic waste and make sure it does not get shipped to landfills or incinerators where it takes up space and generates green house gases and toxins! Instead, we apply a carbon recovery system through which waste is upcycled to become a resource in lipid form for other industries.

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Vegetable Oil Substitute

We use the organic waste to create high quality lipids very similar to vegetable oils like soybean and palm oil, which can be used to make cosmetics, soaps, detergents and other every day products as well as biodiesel and other industrial oils. We will provide a sustainability certificate for your company to use with your product.

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Save the planet

CarboCycle's patented technology reduces green house gas emissions and pollution as well as deforestation both by treating organic waste on one end and producing vegetable oil substitutes on the other. We thus also directly fight climate change and species extinction through deforestation.

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Strengthen the local economy

By keeping waste processing close to waste production and oil production close to oil consumption we strengthen the local economy and also further reduce green house gas emissions and costs otherwise incurred from shipping waste and oil across the globe.

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